Copyright Notice
The SASSI and BADDS are copyrighted instruments, which includes the questionnaires, profiles, questionnaire items, T scores, scales, norms, score reports, scoring keys, and all related materials and, as such, they are protected by the copyright laws of the United States, Canada, and other countries.  They may not be reproduced or transmitted in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, including creating derivative products or presentations, copying into computer storage media of any kind, copying onto audiovisual storage media, photocopying, or copying of any other kind without prior written permission of the publisher. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of the copyrighted materials is unethical as well as a violation of federal copyright laws.

Questions are not to be reproduced, paraphrased, or translated in any way. The SASSI Institute, Inc. and Jewell & Hupp, L.L.P. make no estimate of accuracy for questionnaire items that have been paraphrased,translated, or for screening accuracy resulting from administration of only selected test items on the instruments.