Research & Development

The Research Department of The SASSI Institute is dedicated to maximizing the accuracy and utility of our substance use measures and expanding the Institute’s services to better meet practitioners’ needs. We are involved in collaborative relationships with many SASSI users in the process of gathering data for our research. We are also pleased to consult with SASSI users regarding their research.

Contact our Research Department at if you have questions or need assistance with any research related aspects of our instruments.

Data Sharing 
If you wish to assist The SASSI Institute by using our instruments and sharing your data to help us further develop, update, and validate our instruments, please e-mail

Would you like to participate in a research project on the Adolescent SASSI?

Benefits of Participating in our Adolescent Research Study:

  • Administer the research version of the adolescent instrument and receive the SASSI-A2 screening report at no charge.
  • Teen participants will earn the opportunity to select a charity as the recipient of a donation made by The SASSI Institute.

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