Adolescent Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory-A3
Identifies high or low probability of substance use disorders in clients 13 to 18 years of age. The SASSI-A3 also provides clinical insight into family and social risk factors, level of defensive responding, consequences of substance misuse teens endorsed, and a prescription drug abuse scale that identifies teens likely to be abusing prescription medication.

Ages: 13 – 18 years
Reading grade Level: 4th
Accuracy: 89% Based on empirical studies
Administration: 15 minutes to administer and score

Estimates of the Reliability and Criterion Validity of the Adolescent SASSI-A3

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If you need to purchase A2 product please call or email us.  A2 material will only be available while supplies last.  If you have not made the switch to our newest adolescent instrument the SASSI-A3, you must purchase a Starter Kit.

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New Features of the SASSI-A3:

  • A brief new scale, Prescription Drug (Rx), was added to accurately identify individuals likely to be abusing prescription medications.
  • Validated against the DSM-5 criteria for diagnosing substance use disorders.
  • Distinguishes likely Substance Use Disorder (SUD) from other psychological disorders: The SASSI-A3 can accurately identify the presence and the absence of SUD, even when other psychological symptoms are present.
  • New subtle items were added to reflect current teen alcohol & drug use patterns and questions were updated to use contemporary teen verbiage.
  • Additional face valid items to identify symptoms represented in the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

Note: The Adolescent SASSI-A2 material is no longer available on our site.  We will continue to fulfill orders of the retired material as long as it is available in our warehouse.  To check the availability of that material, please call 800.726.0526 or email