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To understand how our questionnaires can be an integral part of the process when working with clients, please take a look at these sample interpretations.

Excessive drug use including Rx abuse

Angela T. illustrates a profile often seen in people who acknowledge that they use drugs excessively and have come to rely on them as a coping resource.

Differentiating between Substance Use and a Substance Use Disorder in Teens

Josh, a 17-year old male high school student assessed for substance use disorder.  Learn how the SASSI-A2 helps to identify substance use versus substance use disorder.

Interpreting the Spanish SASSI

Carlos C. is a 36-year old Spanish speaking and reading client referred for identification of high or low probability of substance use disorder. Learn how to interpret the Spanish SASSI decision rules.

SYM Scale and Environmental Factors

We had the opportunity to consult with a treatment provider who had called in SASSI-4 scores for a Native American couple residing in Canada. Since both profiles nicely illustrate important clinical features of each client, we decided to present the interpretations in this sample. We are grateful to the treatment… Read more

SAM Contributes to SASSI-4 Accuracy

This SASSI-4 profile of a 37-year-old female was called in to our clinical support line. As we look at her results, it appears that she answered the items in a meaningful manner (RAP=0).  She is likely to have a high probability of a substance use disorder (SYM=6, SAM=8) based on… Read more