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A frequent question we get is regarding the web-based version of the SASSI-4 and how to identify the SYM (Symptoms) scale items on a client’s completed questionnaire. Because the SYM items are face valid they can give you information concerning the client’s substance use and it may be worthwhile to do a content analysis of the SYM items as they directly relate to substance use.

While logged into your account, click on the tab ‘My Clients’ and then click on ‘Support Materials.’ On the Support Materials page click on ‘SASSI-4 User Guide.’ Go to page 19 for the information on SYM. There you will see the 20 SYM items listed. We suggest you print this page out to assist in identifying the SYM items on your clients’ completed questionnaires.

As always, we encourage you to call our free clinical help line for interpretation assistance at 800.726.0526 Option 2.

SASSI FAQs: Volume 1 | Customer IDs

We are excited to bring you a new series covering common questions on various topics specific to our processes and policies. In this edition of SASSI FAQs we take a quick look at Customer Identifiers or commonly referred to at SASSI as the Customer ID.

All accounts at The SASSI Institute are assigned a Customer ID. That account identifier consists of six characters, with the first two being letters representing the State (US) Province (CA) and ZZ for all other countries. The other four characters can be letters or numbers, but are consistent with the Organization’s name, or the last name of the clinician if the account represents a private practice. Our online shopping cart requires the Customer ID to check-out for paper products. If you do not know your Customer ID, or are a new customer, you can fill out the qualification form at to receive a temporary ID so your order can be processed. For SASSI Online customers the Customer ID is found on the My Account tab, and most frequently used during technical support situations, or when an order is placed for the online account over the phone. When purchasing digital products, that form is part of the registration process at

If you ever have any questions about your account, please reach out to our Customer Service Team! They are happy to help you navigate the qualification form and/or registration process. They can be reached at 800.726.0526 option 1 or via email at