Electronically scanned forms provide rapid scoring for programs that conduct a large number of substance use evaluations.  Developed to work on optical scanners which are sold separately by the Scantron Corp. and only work on Windows based platforms.

Call customer service if you are interested in implementing the Scantron SASSI.

Current Scantron SASSI customers may continue to use the Adult SASSI-3 and Adolescent SASSI-A2, see the purchasing information below.  Adult SASSI-4 Scantron is currently in development for use with SASSI Online.  Customers with questions about the release timeline should call SASSI Technical Support at (888) 251-4147.

Ideal for settings that conduct large volume screening.
Eliminates hand-scoring and reduces administrative workload.
Scanning reduces the potential for human error, improving data accuracy.
A technology-based solution for immediate, accurate, and reliable scoring.