SASSI Online Tips and Tricks: Volume 2 | Delivery Options

SASSI Online is our web-based platform that supports the digital administration of the Adult SASSI-4, Adolescent SASSI-A3, and Spanish SASSI. It provides a report with interpretive paragraphs outlining the decision rules and results from client responses.

In this edition of SASSI Online Tips and Tricks we highlight setting up a questionnaire and the delivery options. When administering a questionnaire, you have six options. This volume will cover the first five in depth.  The last one, SASSI to Go, will get its own volume, so watch for that!

The process of administering a questionnaire to a client, begins on the My Clients tab.  Click the administer button and choose the instrument that best suits the client from the drop down. On the next screen complete the demographic information. A red asterisk indicates a required field.  Please verify this information for accuracy, once the questionnaire is delivered it is not possible to edit this information. Click submit, and you are ready to choose the Delivery Option.

The delivery options are:

Option 1; Email direct link to <registered email address> – This will send a link to the registered counselor’s email address that opens the questionnaire for responding. This message can be forwarded to the client or used internally to pull up the questionnaire for the client to enter their responses.  This message does not contain the results, only the link to complete the questionnaire.

Option 2; Email direct link to the client – This is used to enter the client’s email address and they will receive a link that opens the questionnaire for answering. This message can get filtered to a spam or junk folder, so it’s advised if a client does not see the message to check in those locations.

Option 3; Log me out and open questionnaire in new window now – Opens the questionnaire immediately on your screen. This logs the counselor out of the secure dashboard to allow the client to sit in front of the screen to provide their responses.  This delivery option has a one-hour time limit.  A notice will pop up at 45 minutes to warn the client that they have 15 minutes to complete.  If the client does not complete the questionnaire in the allowed timeframe, they will have to start over from the beginning.

Option 4; Display link to the questionnaire – This will show the unique link (URL) to this specific client’s questionnaire. This link can be copied and pasted in a document, electronic health records system or any other place needed for future access to the questionnaire for the client to complete.

Option 5; Paper form input – This option allows input of the client’s responses from a paper form. The SASSI Online printable forms are available by visiting the Support Materials page or selecting “Download printable form” from the delivery options window, after choosing Paper Form Input.

When the client completes the questionnaire, the on-screen response they receive at the end, says their responses have been sent to the counselor.  It is very important they see this confirmation screen.  If they see an error or a message about a time-out, it’s possible their responses were not sent, and they may have to start over.  For security reasons, a questionnaire that is only partially completed, can not be restarted.  The client will have to re-enter all responses if they do not complete it in one sitting.

An email is triggered to the counselor, notifying of a new available report in the dashboard.  That email message does not contain the report or results information.  The body of that message does include instructions on how to view the report.

If you are not currently using SASSI Online and would like to take a look at these amazing delivery options, create an account at  If you already have an account, definitely let us know if you have any suggestions for additional delivery options we can add in the future.  As a bonus for reading this blog post to the end, reach out to us at, with the code word: Delivery Options, to request two free SASSI Online administrations!