SASSI Online Tips and Tricks Volume 3 | SASSI to Go

SASSI Online is our web-based platform that supports the digital administration of the Adult SASSI-4, Adolescent SASSI-A3, and Spanish SASSI. It provides a report with interpretive paragraphs outlining the decision rules and results from client responses.

In this edition of SASSI Online Tips and Tricks we take an in-depth look at our SASSI to Go delivery option! SASSI to Go is an application designed to be used offline for administration of SASSI questionnaires.

SASSI to Go is downloaded to a laptop or thumb drive, then the questionnaires are administered to clients with or without an Internet connection. The administration of a SASSI questionnaire using SASSI to Go is almost identical to the process and design of the SASSI Online dashboard. Once the client’s responses are stored, the device or drive must be connected to the internet and then uploaded to the SASSI Online account dashboard.   Unlike the other delivery methods, this one starts at   From this link you can download the application zip file, as well as a SASSI to Go specific detailed instruction sheet. 

SASSI to Go is a great solution to anyone administering SASSI questionnaire without a reliable internet access at the administration site.  If you are not currently using SASSI Online and would like to experience SASSI to Go to see if it would work for you, create an account at  If you already have an account, let us know if you have any suggestions for additional delivery options we can add in the future.  As a bonus for reading this blog post to the end, reach out to us at, with the code phrase: SASSI to Go, to request two free SASSI Online administrations!