SASSI Online Tips and Tricks: Volume 6 | Inviting Additional Counselors

SASSI Online is our web-based platform that supports the digital administration of the Adult SASSI-4, Adolescent SASSI-A3, and Spanish SASSI. It provides a report with interpretive paragraphs outlining the decision rules and results from client responses.

In this edition of SASSI Online Tips and Tricks we review the steps to add multiples counselors to a SASSI Online account, manage their invitation, and how to manage their access.

Only the Primary Clinical Contact (PCC) for an organization can invite other counselors to the account, by clicking the “My Account” tab, then clicking the “Invite Counselor to Register” button, and then the “Invite New Counselor” button. An email with a SASSI Online link will be sent to the counselor which invites them to register. When sending an invitation, keep in mind that Invitations can be filtered by spam/junk protections. If the invitation is not in the counselor’s junk or spam folder the link is available on the same screen you clicked “Invite New Counselor.” Locate the affected counselor in the invitation history list.  Click the “Resend” button, a window will show the counselor’s unique registration link. You can copy this link and send it directly to the counselor for registration.

Since the PCC is required to be qualified, the invited counselor is administering under their supervision. However, they will still be prompted to complete a qualification form during registration.

Additional counselors added to the account cannot see the reports of other counselors or those of the PCC.  However, the PCC does have access to all counselor’s reports through their dashboard on the Admin tab. Sharing of reports among counselors can be done by printing, or saving and sending.  It is also acceptable to upload the client’s PDF results to an organization’s electronic health records system.

If an added counselor or counselors are no longer with your organization, they can be deactivated.  Deactivation removes their ability to login to the account but retains their client records.  To deactivate a counselor, email the request to

If you are not currently using SASSI Online and would like to experience the features of the digital platform, create an account at  If you already have an account, let us know if you have any suggestions for our next edition of SASSI Online Tips and Tricks.  As a bonus for reading this blog post to the end, reach out to us at, with the code phrase: Adding Counselors, to request two free SASSI Online administrations!