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Local Encounters with Those Facing Extreme Poverty

A young man asking me to call an ambulance because he was experiencing snakes biting him. The paramedics came and were wonderfully caring and gentle with him.

A man I’ve known for more than a decade who regularly volunteers and gives money to us. He also struggles with a severe mental illness that’s usually managed well with medication. But unfortunately, he’s become homeless and is living out of a van.

Another man struggling to find a safe place for himself and his wife. She’s dealing with some severe disabilities and needs nursing home care, but they’re struggling to find a place that takes their health insurance (we’re working on that). They’ve been together for 30 years.

A Wendy’s employee recognizing me (I stopped in for an iced tea in between meetings) and offering me a free Frosty and saying, “We appreciate what you do for us.” (I often get credit for what our staff, volunteers, and all you supporters deserve).

These all happened within two hours of us opening the day center this morning.

Written by Forrest Gilmore the Executive Director at Beacon, Inc in Bloomington Indiana

Originally posted to Forrest’s Facebook page and shared here with his permission.